Nate Middleton: a Los Angeles Steel Drummer

Friday, May 27, 2016 | 6:52:42 PM
Steel drummer Nate specializes in live entertainment and is working magic as a Los Angeles steel drummer. You might say his style is a fusion of traditional Calypso, Reggae and R&B with some Latin Rhythms woven into the mix. This combination is most definately one of passionate exitement as well as smooth jazz relaxation.


Nate plays the single steel drum refered too as a "Pan" by some Island players. It requires the dexterity of a soloist and the latest technology in steel drum instruments equipts it with a low "C" note equal to middle C on the piano for a broader melodic range.

Mentored by the Steel Drum Legend to Become the Best Los Angeles Steel Drummer

Nate worked closely with and was taught to play the steel drum by the very gifted and dazzling showman The late Winston "B" Phillips. A Trinidad native, Winstons love for his music and the steel drum dazzled people from all parts of the world. Says Nate " I was totally fasinated with his ablity to play melody and rhythm fast or slow with a smoothness that just captived one heart" . Nate says "I know his style has had a great influence on me and yet I still have my own story to tell with the steel drum and I'm also a singer".

Los Angeles Steel Drummer Nate with Queen Latifa

Steel Drummer Nate with Queen Latifa and his steel drum teacher Winstin "B" Philips.

As a Los Angeles steel drummer, a lot of local residents already enjoy his music on live performances, but Nate's first CD will be released this summer.


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