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Steel Drummer - Nate MiddletonHere is some info on Nate the steel drummer. Nate has a backround in R&B and Jazz perfoming On the east coast from Philadelphia and New York. While touring in the Carbbean he discovered the festive sound of steel drums and the island rythms. After visiting the islands of Trinidad, Jamaica and Puerto Rico working with some of the best steel drummers in the world He created the exiting and authentic sounds associated with cruise ships and island vacations.

Now living in the Los Angeles area he performs for Corporate events and such beach resorts as the the Ritz Carlton and the Johnathan club. Nate may also be avalable for house parties. Be sure to call in advance. He can perform as a single entertainer with the steel drumms while singing famous hit from Bob Marley to Harry Belefonte and latin favorites of Santana to name just a few. His band normally consist of an incredible Guitarist and congo player that will really get your party started.

Nate performed with Baywatch star David Hasselhof in and episode of “Baywatch” and “Baywatch Nights”on the steel drum. Shows were filmed in Malibu and Marina del Rey Ca.

He was then hired to get the party started at a wrap party for “living Single” star Queen Latifa and the entire cast of the show. CBS used his festive steel drum charm to celebrate “Earthday” on the Santa Monica pier. The Disney hit show “Hana Montana” featuring Miley and Billy Ray Cirus called in Nate to play a Gospel singer on an episode which also guess starred “The Jonas brothers”.

This special edition aired just before thier other hit show “High School Musical’.  In April of this year Fox  hired Nate to play his pan on an Australian hit show ” Bondi Rescue “on Fuel TV about life guards in a suberb of Sidney, Bondi Beach. Nate was hired to put on his his dazzling one man show at the downtown Disney Cancert Hall before an international audience.

Steel Drummer Nate with Baywatch star David Hasselhof


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